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6 Ways to Join the Great Galactic Easter Egg Hunt

Posted By on January 18, 2013 in Family | 3 comments

6 Ways to Join the Great Galactic Easter Egg Hunt

A fourth grader and a bb gun in the wild.  Good times.  While living near Durango, Colorado, I spent the better part of my days exploring forty-two acres along the banks of the Animas River.

Our land was on Ute territory and I developed an eye for slightly mounded areas of loose dirt, indicating native landfills.  Combing beneath the surface, I found old pottery shards, arrowheads, and hand-woven textiles smelling of sagebrush root.  My boy brain was saturated with fantasies of finding buried treasure.

In time, however, I grew disappointed with life for not offering me the treasure-seeking adventures I could dream up or watch in movies.  I wondered if there were any amazing expeditions left to go on (except those arctic ones– no thanks). Maybe everything cool had already been found.

Occasionally, however, something came along and blasted such notions to smithereens.  Like when the Hubble telescope shot incredible images of distant galaxies back to earth.  Like when new cathedral-like caverns were discovered in Arizona.  Like when a submarine dove to the ocean’s depths and found jaw-droppingly ugly creatures with clear skin and glowing guts.  So cool.

I wonder if God hid astonishing things everywhere in clever ways, like time capsule curios, so that those who search will keep finding them throughout history.  I also wonder what life-altering discoveries are hidden in my beloved family and friends.  What perspectives, lessons, and unique expressions of God Himself are lying in wait all around me?

While some are stumbled upon, new and wonderful treasures are, and have always been, waiting for the next explorer: theoretical physicist, archaeologist, or fourth grader with a bb gun.  Anyone who wants to can join an eons-old galactic Easter egg hunt.  Treasure is everywhere and we are invited to start looking.

Here are a few ways I’ve gone exploring:

  • Geocaching.  It turns a family walk into a treasure hunt.  This is not new, but it used to be that you needed a GPS unit to join in.  Not anymore.  There are great, free apps on Android (c:geo is my favorite) and iOS platforms.  Signing up at is totally free.  I let one child guide us in the car, another guide us in map mode once we’re on foot, and another leads with the compass once we’re close to the cache.
  • Date my children.  Anna and I took two kids to the same restaurant, got separate tables, then switched halfway through so that we could each date two kids in one outing.
  • Date my wife.  I try to decide what I’d like to learn about her ahead of time while keeping things open.  “The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters For Any Occasion” is a good friend for dates.  We learn new things about each other almost every time.
  • BBC Nature Series films.  Mind-blowing.  I just got a box set of four complete series and saved some serious coin.
  • Read a chronological Bible.  Loved it so much, I’m on my third time through that bottomless pit of wisdom.
  • Listen to an album all the way through with no interruptions.  May I recommend Counting Stars by Andrew Peterson?  Pay special attention to “World Traveler.”

I’d love to glean from your experiences.  What kinds of things have you done to join the hunt?


None of the links in this post are sponsored.  I just like ‘em and wanted to share.  Photo by Andrejs Pidjass


  1. Pirate! January 21, 2013

    Doing the things you always “thought” you did or wanted to do (think bucket list). Growwing up I always called my self a “street racer”, but in all reality i was nothing more than a kid in a car doing stupid things. Growing up, i realize now that to race means to be better than good, it means to struggle and try to become amazing.

    So now that I am older with an amazing wife, we share this idea of mine together. She is going to try it at least once, and if she likes it, then it is something we can share. I agree dating your spouse is an amazing and adventure, but to explore with them all the things you each enjoy and to explore the unknown together is the struggle for perfection.

    And so the next adventure is the ability to quiet ourselves as well. We are in a transitional phase in our lives. Major changes and ideas are happening in our lives, so the challenge to be able to quiet ourselves is even more important than ever before. :)

    I absolutely love life and the gifts we have been given and I can only hope to continue to explore those joys/challenges with all that I enjoy spending my life with.That is an AMAZING easter egg hunt.

    • Jeremy January 23, 2013

      Sharing things we’re passionate is definitely a worthy challenge! A risky one, at that. Thanks for sharing, John.

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