Hi there!  Thanks so much for having a look around. I’ve been writing and performing original songs publicly since before I was potty trained. One such performance still brings out the laughs at family gatherings.  I live in Ellensburg, Washington with my lovely wife, Anna, and three great kids, Elise, Isaac, and Asher.  We have two small, strange dogs who will act tough when you come to the door, but don’t like getting their paws wet in snow.

In 2001, I joined up with Compassion And Mercy Associates to serve in a relief and development role in Guinea, West Africa.  I later moved back to Ellensburg and served as the Worship Arts Pastor at Mercer Creek Church for six years.  I still go there with my family, play on the worship team, and rock out with the middle school ministry.  I have played in a variety of settings like  YoungLife clubs, Care Net gatherings, college groups, retreats, or wherever music is wanted.  I always have my radar scanning for active people, organizations, and like-minded artists to work alongside.  Contact me if you are one of those.

Musical inspirations include Sting, Paul Simon, Andrew Peterson, Chris Rice, and Nickel Creek.  Lyrical inspiration comes mostly from my  journal.


What I’m All About

The pleasure of God. I am addicted to the sensation of Him being proud of me. I want more.

Why do I make music?

I sense God’s pleasure in it and I can connect with Him in a deeply personal way through it. I suspect that He made me to do it and I feel like I’m conversing with Him in his native language and being pulled into his song. It’s fun! Plus, my wife thinks it’s hot (I think).

To what end?

More and better worship.  I like to seek out and encourage artists of all kinds to produce whatever it is God gave them to do. The sweet spot is coordinating and combining efforts with other artists.  “Wonder Twin powers…activate!” went through my head just then.


Why the Hope Tree album?
It’s time. Seriously. If God has shared this music with me, then I want to courageously transmit the messages to edify others.

Why the title?

The title was derived from a Mark Twain quote which includes the following: “Lord save us all from a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.” Put that against 1 Timothy 4:10, “That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people…” and you’ve got the theme. Most of my songs have something to do with good things coming out of difficult things or hope in the midst of doubt, fear, and other darkness. Those are my blossoms (hopefully one day to develop into fruit!) and the living God is my hope tree. He seems to be very set in the habit of putting out blossoms everywhere He is invited.

What is the purpose behind it?

To encourage Christ followers and truth seekers alike by discovering and conveying reminders of God’s love, faithfulness, and character.  These are the evidences that our hope rests in a God who is bigger than religion and ourselves.  I am coming to know God less as a faceless concept and more as a vulnerable personality who relates to me directly.  It seems like hope is a popular buzzword in modern culture, and faith is mystical and vague.  I want to reveal blossoms by telling true stories of a real God.

Why publish it?

No matter the outcome, I sense that this music is not something that I am supposed to bury and keep safe, but to risk putting out there in hopes to multiply what He entrusted me with. For me to keep things small and unknown is not humility nor artistic purity, but cowardice. For me to make my music widely available is not a search for further recognition nor approval- it is fighting through fear of rejection in obedience. Underneath, this is probably a selfish motive since it all goes back to that addiction I stated earlier. I can live with that.